Andrew MacGillivray


Yarrow Bay

Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.

3933 Lake Washington Blvd NE Suite 100

Kirkland, WA 98033

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Do you have a Realtor working for you? Please allow me to introduce myself:

Andrew is proud to be part of the Windermere Real Estate Yarrow Bay Team with it's exceptional ethical standards, professionalism, and team work mentality. Known for providing the highest degree of dedicated personalized service, Andrew delivers exceptional results for his clients.

Through Andrew's valuable expertise and dedication, he would ensure that he provides his clients with excellent opportunities that currently exist in today's Real Estate markets. At every interaction, Andrew ensures that each client receives exceptional representation. He creates a personalized plan and approach for each client’s specific objectives; Andrew prides himself on executing on their behalf with skillful measures that achieve impressive results.

Andrew is originally from England, he grew up in a small rural Village north of London along with his brother, sister and parents. He always had a longing to travel and see the World. At 16 ½ enlisted into the Royal Air Force, while in the Air Force he had an opportunity to see and visit many countries throughout the World, the Air Force also allowed him to peruse his other passion of playing many Soccer, keeping fit and thrived in its team work mentality. After a successful 16-year career and the participation of two wars in the Air force he retired at the age of 34. 

After leaving the Air Force Andrew’s passion for travel took him on a yearlong adventure of travelling around the World, He had the opportunity of seeing many different countries, different ways of life and experienced many different cultures along the way.

The adventure finally brought him to Seattle where he immediately felt that this is where he was meant to be and where he belonged. The natural beauty of Seattle, it’s surrounding Mountains, Water and Green lush lands really was a draw for him along with the (rain). Having left his life behind in England he was excited to begin a new one in the United States, he began searching for job opportunities and was very fortunate to find one at one of the most reputable companies in the U.S which was Nordstrom. 

Andrew started his new career with Nordstrom at entry level. His previous Air Force career helped him to embrace a new way of life, a new work culture and adapt entirely to something different to what he had previously encountered in the Military. He worked hard, listened, learned and communicated with all levels of management which ultimately lead him to be successful within the Nordstrom family. Nordstrom gave him a sound back ground in customer service, business planning which enabled him to work his way up through the management ranks and finally end his career as a Regional Manager at their Portland office.

He was truly grateful to the Nordstrom family for allowing him the first opportunity in a new country. After leaving Nordstrom he began a new career as a footwear representative selling many major department stores and boutiques across the United States. His previous customer service experienced at Nordstrom helped him along the way and Andrew gained a reputation of being well respected within the industry, his genuine interest in the customer, his trustworthiness, approachability allowed him to become very successful and which really stood him apart from others.

Andrew has two teenage daughters and while not travelling will spend all his free time with them. He liked them to share in the same travel experience that he was fortunate to have had and will take them every year to England for family visits. Andrew attends all their sporting events around the state and is actively involved in all aspects of their life. While not with the Children Andrew spends time with his significant other, he likes to watch Soccer, relax on Ferry Rides visiting the different islands and relax at home. Although successful in the footwear industry found that it was taking his time away from his family which is very important to him. It was time for a new challenge!

He has always had an interest in Real Estate and has owned many homes both in England and the United States. He understands that moving, buying or selling a home can be extremely stressful. He felt that he could use both his personal and customer service skills to help others find their dream of home ownership as well as help navigate customers through what can be a very intense process. He decided that a career in Real Estate would allow him the opportunity to not only be home more often but importantly the chance to spend time with his family.

He began his new career in Real Estate several years ago and is now proud to be part of the Windermere family in Yarrow Bay which embraces his same values of high ethical standards, customer service, compassion and genuine interest in listening to the customer. 

Andrew would welcome the opportunity to assist you whether it is now, later this year or even next year in any of your Real Estate needs. 

Thank you